Backup rings

Backup rings reduce O-ring and U-seal extrusion to allow higher system pressures at a given diametral clearance.

Profile Description
Backup ring Nitrile Backup Ring Material: 90 Durometer Nitrile Application: Contoured shape available in all British Standard and AS568 Imperial sizes
Backup ring High Performance Polyurethane Material: High Performance Urethane with 53 Shore D hardness rating. Application: These Backup rings feature exceptional strength and abrasion resistance that makes them suitable for high-pressure service where extrusion is a problem. Primarily used as a U-seal backup but these rings are also used with O-rings. They also retrofit Teflon and Urethane Backup rings with greater performance characteristics.
Backup ring PTFE Material: PTFE to US Mil Spec MS28774
Backup ring Nylon Material: Machine finish Nylon