Krytox® Case Studies

Steam Turbine DuPont™ Krytox® runs steam turbines longer. Case study of wet gas compressor in an FCC unit at a refinery. The upper guide bushings, cam shaft bearings, lift lever bushings, and other components now move freely because Krytox® NRT does not oxidize or break down in the heat.
Krytox does not burn DuPont™ Krytox® fluorinated synthetic lubricant reduces maintenance labor and materials costs up to 75% in high temperature applications at Phelps Dodge Mining Company "Our unscheduled downtime is about one quarter of what it was before using Krytox® XHT-AC"Terry Williams, Rod Mill Mechanic, Phelps Dodge Mining Company
Barrier Fluids DuPont™™ Krytox® Improves safety, prevents process fluid leakage and extends seal life in double mechanical seal applications "Our team saw safety and equipment performance as priorities. Krytox® was up to the task."Tracy Daly, Risk Manager, Chambers Works
Centrifuge Bearings PTA Plant extends life of critical centrifuge bearings with DuPont™™ Krytox® lubricants "The Krytox® grease is adhesive and resistant to washout from steam. On equipment strip-down, the bearings are in good condition. Relubrication intervals now extend to every three months."Steve Johnston, PTA Plant Engineering & Maintenance Manager
Corrosive Gas Environments BYT Company, Ltd. uses DuPont™™ Krytox® to improve safety, protect against corrosion and extend equipment life in reactive gas compressor applications "Krytox® has better lubrication performance and could solve corrosion problems."Qu Guang, Technical Manager, BYT Co., Ltd.
Vacuum Pump DuPont™™ Krytox® vacuum pump fluids give Praxair the reliability they need with safety and productivity in oxygen cylinder filling operations "Krytox® offered reliable, local stock while guarding against oxygen combustion"Luiz Werneck, Black Belt - Production and Productivity Manager, White Martins Gases Industriais Ltd.

Fluid Seals is the Australian Distributor of DuPont™  Kalrez® High Performance Elastomers and Krytox® High Performance Lubricants.