Use Krytox® for all your automotive needs

Stop squeaks and rattles, provide prolonged life to all bearings, wiper motors, belt pulleys, alternator bearings, CV/universal joints, sunroof mechanisms and much more…

Krytox® high performance synthetic lubricants to provide:

Wide temperature range: Krytox® lubricants typically provide effective lubrication over -40°C to 260°C.

Effectiveness: Krytox® lubricants keep performing in the toughest conditions: rain, snow, ice, dust and grit.

Resistance: Krytox® lubricants can withstand the fuel, coolant, brake fluid and washer solvent of the harsh underhood environment. And they’re resistant to evaporation or change in characteristics over the many years of an automobile’s serviceable life.

Compatibility: Krytox® has no effect on paint and no compatibility issues with other automotive materials or surfaces it may contact.

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