Chemical Services

Krytox® is developed by DuPont™, a chemical industry leader. DuPont™ has unparalleled expertise in the special needs of the Chemical and related industries. They know that systems in the chemical and petrochemical industries require lubricants that provide safe operations.

Krytox® range of lubricants offers non-reactive, non-flammable lubricants, including the Krytox® NRT line of oils and greases. Krytox® technology provides:

  • Safe, non-reactive, non-flammable use with reactive chemistry
  • Extended equipment life
  • Will not burn in 100% gaseous or liquid oxygen
  • BAM rating to 350 bar
  • Compatibility with polymers used in seals, o-rings, valves
  • Environmentally friendly lubricating solutions

DuPont™ lubricants have been independently tested by companies and organizations such as BOC, Air Liquide, BAM, NASA and General Dynamics and are proven acceptable for oxygen and other reactive chemical compatibility.

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