Medical & Pharmaceuticals

In medical applications, Krytox® offers safety and efficacy.

  • Smooth operating and long lasting in a wide range of environments.
  • Oxygen compatible and good coefficient of friction.
  • Best available lubrication technology available in the medical industry.
  • H-1 food grade oils and greases available.

Krytox® works in a variety of applications.

  • High-speed pneumatic equipment
  • Oxygen systems and respirators.

Environmentally friendly and chemically compatible.

  • Chemically, biologically and environmentally inert and silicone-free.
  • Contain no VOC materials or chlorine and are not hazardous to the atmosphere or ozone layer.
  • Undamaged by, and non-reactive with, acidic or caustic cleaners and disinfectants, steam, moisture and high temperatures.

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