Oxygen and Reactive Gas Service

portable life support systemsWhen working with reactive gas equipment, failure is not an option.

Conventional lubricants that contain mineral oils or conventional synthetics can react with oxygen and halogens such as chlorine,fluorine and bromine, thus increasing the potential for explosion, fire and premature deterioration.

Reactive gas applications require lubricants that help provide safe operations.

DuPont™ Performance Lubricants offers the Krytox® NRT line of oils and greases that deliver:

  • No auto ignition at temperatures up to 482 °C (900 °F) in oxygen
  • No ignition at pressures up to 350 bar
  • Compatibility with polymers used in seals, O-rings, and valves
  • BAM rating to 350 bar

DuPont™ lubricants have been independently tested by companies and organizations such as BOC, Air Liquide, BAM, NASA and General Dynamics and they have been confirmed for use with oxygen and other reactive gases.

DuPont™ Krytox® NRT Lubricants for Reactive Gas Service

Krytox® NRT Application Guide

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