Upgrade lubes to run steam turbines longer

This assembly controls the turbine driving a wet gas compressor in an FCC unit at a refinery. The surface temperature of the valve rack is in excess of 600 ⁰ F (315 ⁰ C). The compressor typically runs at a constant speed for long intervals. In the past, when there would be a need for a process change, the valve rack would be frozen in place because the "high-temperature" hydrocarbon-based grease would be oxidized and dried out. Operations would call a maintenance crew to get the valve rack moving again, costing operational delays and lost profit.

18 months ago, the refinery began lubricating all of the moving parts with DuPont™ Krytox® NRT high temperature grease. The upper guide bushings, cam shaft bearings, lift lever bushings, and other components now move freely because Krytox® NRT does not oxidize or break down in the heat. The grade used for this application can withstand continuous temperatures to 660⁰ F (350⁰ C) with excursions to 750⁰ F (400⁰ C).

The result: less maintenance, better operability, fewer headaches, and higher profits.

Depending on OEM, age etc. some racks will have more lubrication points and some fewer than this example. Evaluate on a case by case basis, but Krytox® NRT should be used as an assembly lube during any service and repair work, and applied generously for optimum equipment performance.

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